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mp-frontcover-kit-3dcoverLife can be tough and full of circumstances we don’t understand.

Have you ever asked God…. Why is this happening to me? Why won’t you answer my prayer? How much longer must I endure this situation?

You are not alone.

When life presents us with questions we find ourselves grasping for answers. And when those answers don’t come or they come in a way we didn’t expect, we can experience a big giant hole in our faith, a missing piece.

Bible study teacher, Jennifer Rothschild will show you how you can begin to fill in those missing pieces with God’s peace in every circumstance.

In this 6 week journey you will learn how to….

  • Flush out the lies we feed ourselves about who God is and begin to rightly assess God’s character
  • Experience unexpected peace in spite of unexpected heartache
  • Strengthen your faith when you feel beat down by life
  • Trust God’s character even when we don’t understand His ways
  • Walk with God through the hard stuff of life and come out knowing Him deeper

Missing Pieces will change the way you view the hard stuff life throws at you and teach you how to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ.

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