Managing Email in Ministry

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emailDoes your inbox seem to be overflowing? Do you find it difficult to stay on top of email?

Email is like your house; if you don’t clean it daily, it quickly gets out of control. Yet, if it’s maintained, it can be helpful tool – not a burden, in your ministry.

Productivity guru Michael Hyatt offers several behaviors to help stay in control of your email inbox.

Empty your inbox every day.
Seem impossible? Hyatt challenges you to go to sleep each evening with your inbox empty. This doesn’t mean you must respond individually to each email; it means you process each message every day.

For every message, ask yourself, “is this message actionable?” If it requires a response, do one of these 3 things.

Take 1 of 3 actions:

  • Do—Take action in the moment. Hit reply and simply respond. Hyatt follows the two-minute rule. If you can respond in under two minutes, do it immediately. For example, set an appointment.
  • Delegate— Is this email one that should have gone to someone else? Is the message relevant to another? If so, hit forward immediately.
  • Defer— If it requires more than 2 minutes, either put it on your to-do list or schedule an appointment with yourself to complete the task.

Read the rest of Michael Hyatt’s post about email here.

Question: How do you manage your email?

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