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15 Can Do Community Outreach Ideas
Robyne Beaubien
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One of our readers recently asked us, "What are some project ideas or mission tasks for taking women's ministry out of the church and into the community?" This is a great question, and we decided to take it to the experts...you. Here's what we learned.

  1. Help kids learn.

    Every school I know of is in want of volunteers. Give some of your time to tutor children at a school in your area.
  2. Feed the homeless.

    Provide sack lunches once a month and/or special dinners throughtout the year at a local shelter.
  3. Reach out to teachers.

    Provide meals, cookies and other treats in the teacher's lounge at an area school. Collect classroom items and create huge gift baskets for each of the teachers.
  4. Build a home.

    Partner with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for someone in need. Many chapters have an "all woman build." Women in the community can come together and help a family!
  5. Care for the children.

    Host a Babysitting Co-op and give single moms a break.
  6. Offer a helping hand.

    Reach out to women in shelters by offering to provide hair cuts, manicures, help in writing a resume, job interview skills, computer basics, etc. You'll build relationships and bless these dear women.
  7. Make kindness practical.

    Help those who can't help themselves by mowing yards, painting houses, shopping for groceries, running errands. Provide helpful items like housecleaning supplies, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner,etc.
  8. Cool things down.

    Sponsor a fan drive. Collect and distribute box fans in the summer for those who are living in homes without air conditioning.
  9. Give some lovin' grom the oven.

    Provide frozen meals and desserts with the recipe and a scripture verse attached. Take these to families in need.
  10. Just add water.

    Create gifts in a jar like soup mix, cookie mix and hot chocolate mix. Attach instructions and scripture verse. Distribute personally or donate to a local food pantry.
  11. Get healthy.

    Host a women's health fair where women can get information about health issues. Offer blood pressure testing, diabetes screening, etc. and workshops on heart health, exercise, nutrition, etc.
  12. Reach out to the retired.

    Visit the elderly and spend time visiting, reading, singing, painting toe nails, etc.
  13. Take church to the community.

    Consider investing in a small canopy and having a booth at local fairs and events. Have small gifts to give away with information about your church/ministry and a drawing for a door prize if you want to collect contact information.
  14. Tie a knot.

    Make polar fleece blankets to distribute through Salvation Army and other charitable organizations during the winter months.
  15. Bring them in.

    Offer a ride to someone who may not be able to come to church without help.

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Robyne Beaubien's journey in life has allowed her to be a daughter, (bossy) big sister, wife, mother, friend, leader, speaker and author. In 2008, Robyne began her consulting business and now works with state agencies and a wide variety of non-profit organizations. Robyne Beaubien is a featured contributor with womensministry.net. HERE

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