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10 Tips for Leading a Bible Study
Robyne Beaubien
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Has God called you to lead a Bible study in your church? There can be many details you may not have considered when stepping out to lead. WMN contributor, Robyne Beaubien, presents you with 10 tips to guide you in preparation for leading your group.

  1. Pray, Pray, Pray. This seems like a foregone conclusion, but it's all too easy to get busy in the activity of planning and neglect to spend enough time in prayer. Pray for the women who will attend. Pray for God to begin working in their lives. During the study, pray for them to make time and find strength to complete homework and to apply what they are learning. After the study, pray for the Word to stay alive and active in their lives.

  2. Be prepared. Complete your homework and lesson advance. This will free you up to spend time praying over the lesson and looking for other scripture, articles or stories to tie into the lesson.

  3. Take advantage of study materials. Many published studies offer leader guides, advertising materials, video promos, bookmarkers and more to enrich the study. Leader guides often have ideas for activities and small group tips that will greatly enhance each lesson. Don't try to reinvent the wheel... use these materials!

  4. Advertise well. This ties a little into the above tip. If your study offers posters, bulletin inserts and registration cards, print them and use them! Make sure that all your events, including Bible study, are on the church calendar. Consider creating your own video promo to advertise your studies and events to show at a kickoff event.

  5. Use small groups. Women interact best in a small group. Because women are very diverse in their maturity, Bible knowledge and personalities, small groups of 4-8 women provides an atmosphere where women feel more comfortable in sharing.

  6. Do first things first. Take care of business at your first meeting. If you have childcare, book payments, etc. to go over, do it now. Let women know what is expected, and set up guidelines for sharing in small groups. Provide attendance sheets (or registration cards) for women give their address, phone number and email. You will be able to stay in touch throughout the study and let them know about future women's ministry events and studies.

  7. Take time to interact and encourage. Send emails and postcards to encourage women throughout the study. Spread yourself around. Spend time greeting and talking with different women each week. If you see someone struggling, call them and see if you can spend some time helping them during the week, or help connect them with someone else in the class.

  8. Arrive early. If you arrive about 30-45 minutes before the study, you will have plenty of time to pray, check on coffee, childcare and other details before women begin arriving. You will be available to greet women as they arrive. If you are in a larger church, you may have an assistant or study helper that will take care of refreshments and childcare. Either way... get there early!

  9. Use a prayer request sheet. Rather than take time from your study to allow women to share prayer requests verbally, consider providing a prayer request sheet that is passed around during your welcome and introduction. Each woman can simply record their request. Then a designated person can make copies and distribute them to the ladies or small groups for prayer time.

  10. Look for practical applications. This can be a very valuable part of putting "feet" to your study. Look for news stories, personal applications and other ways to illustrate the lesson. Consider having a service or mission activity for the women to participate in that ties into the lesson. Find ways for the women in your study to take the lesson and live it out.

I pray that each Bible study you lead is filled with women who are seeking the Lord, that you will be a servant leader, and that lives will be changed for the Kingdom of God.

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Our Expert

Robyne Beaubien's journey in life has allowed her to be a daughter, (bossy) big sister, wife, mother, friend, leader, speaker and author. In 2008, Robyne began her consulting business and now works with state agencies and a wide variety of non-profit organizations. Robyne Beaubien is a featured contributor with womensministry.net.

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