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Ministry Tip:
10 Powerful Ways to Pray for Your Women!

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Praying for the women you minister to will open doors and bring about amazing changes in their lives.

  1. Pray for their Prayer Life

    Father God, I lift up the women that you have placed in my care and I pray that each one of them will have a conversant relationship with You. I pray that they will come to You first with their concerns and that they will pause to listen to what You have to say to them. I pray that they will enjoy their prayer time and that they will always make it a priority.
  2. Pray for their Daily Devotion Time

    Lord, I pray for our women to answer the daily call to spend time with You and Your Word.  I pray that our ministry will equip them with a good working knowledge of the Bible and that they will hunger to know more all the time.  Please show the new believers where to begin and instruct the spiritually mature in the deeper understanding that they are ready for.  Please help them to keep in balance and stick to sound teachings.
  3. Pray for their Deliverance and Inner Healing

    Lord, I know that many of our women have been wounded deeply in their life and that they carry terrible scars that we cannot easily see.  Father God, I ask that You will bring healing into their lives, down to the core of their being, to their very heart.  Please touch them with Your love again and again so that they can begin to heal and learn to trust You and others.  I pray for those who are caught in bondage that they fear they will never be free of, please set them free by the power of Your name and the blood of Jesus.  Please guide this ministry in this area and give us all compassion and discernment as we minister to those who are hurting.
  4. Pray for their Marriages

    Lord, I pray for our women to be committed to their husbands.  I pray for the ones who are struggling to draw closer to You and find strength to persevere.  I pray for forgiveness and healing in their relationship with their husband.  Lord, if the couples need help, please give them the courage to ask for it.  Please bind the power of pride and loose a spirit of cooperation between them.  Please help these women to be willing to give themselves completely to their husbands.  Please protect them from unfaithfulness and conflicts that would tear them apart.
  5. Pray for their Parenting

    Father, help our women to have a Kingdom view of their role as mothers.  Please give these precious mom's a vision for their children's future.  Help them to be patient and loving.  Help them to be firm and consistent in discipline.  Help them to nurture their children and raise them up to know and love You.  I especially pray for our single moms to be strengthened and supported by others in the church.
  6. Pray for their Friendships

    Lord, I pray that our women would have a wonderful mix of friendships.  I pray for each women to have a good friend who can mentor her and lead her into a closer walk with You.  I pray for each woman to have someone that they can mentor in return.  I pray for each woman to be able to touch the lives of an unbelieving friend as well.  I pray that gossip and division will not bear fruit in their relationships.  I pray that our women will learn to identify destructive friendships and break them off.  I pray that You will be their Best Friend, the first that they run to, the One that they can confide in and trust with everything.
  7. Pray for their Jobs

    Lord, I lift up our working women and I pray that You will shower them with Your favor in the workplace.  I pray that they will be doing everything that they are asked to do with joy and a spirit of excellence.  Please let the people around them notice that they are good workers and pleasant to be around.  Open doors for them to share the reason for their good attitudes.  I pray for the difficult people that they have to work with every day, that they will determine to bless them and not curse them.  I pray for provision and advancement in each woman's life.  I pray also for the stay at home women who work just as hard in other ways to feel appreciated and valuable.
  8. Pray for their Finances

    Father, I pray that our women will be givers and tithers.  I pray that they will trust You with their finances in all ways.  I pray that they will be wise and not overspend.
  9. Pray for their Ministries

    Lord, I know that You have a plan and a purpose for each woman.  I know that You have equipped them to do something  for You.  I pray that each of our women will seek out and give their hearts to the mission and ministry that You have called them to.  I pray for their spiritual gifts to be developed. I pray for obedience to You and submission to spiritual authority to be a priority in their life.
  10. Pray for their Sense of Worth

    Father, I pray for each of our women to know that they are deeply loved and highly valued by You.  I pray that they will learn that their value is not found in what they do or who they are married to or how well they have raised their children or what their ministry is.  I pray that they will find out early and never forget that their value is hidden in Christ.

Submitted by Kelly McCausey, Grace Women's Ministry, Gaylord, Michigan

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