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Icebreaker: Getting to Know You

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Objectives: Before we begin our "Secret Pal" exchange of names for the year, we used this as a means of getting to know each of our ladies a little better and have some fun guessing their identity.

Materials: Paper and pencils

Procedure: Make a sheet titled "Getting to Know You" with five lines, numbered 1-5.

Ask the women to list five things about themselves that tell something about them, but does not directly tell reveal their identity.  i.e. "I live in the country, not I live on Albany Road; I drive a red car, van, but not the make and model; I love senior adults, not I teach a Senior Adult Class at my church. Some ladies had similar profiles and we had a lot of fun and learned some very interesting facts about several ladies. One lady, who was a respiratory therapist listed one of her "hints" as "My job is breathtaking."

When all of the ladies have completed their five "hints" the sheets are collected, and the leader passes out a second sheet numbered to match the amount of ladies attending. The leader then reads out loud the five descriptions on the page and the group writes the name of who they think is being described.

Lots of fun and laughter!

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