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DOWNLOAD: Prayer Journal
Hillcrest Baptist Women
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Wendi Westmoreland and those who serve alongside of her at Hillcrest BC in Pensacola, FL, are prayer warriors. In this journal, her team has given us instruction and examples from their own prayer lives. They have put their heart and prayers into this journal, so we invite you to download it...and pray.

Printing Instructions: This download will print as a booklet on 8.5 x 11" paper. This requires printing on both sides of each sheet and then folding them in half to create the booklet. Set your printer for duplex printing, either manual or authomatic, to print on the front and back of each sheet. 

Viewing Instuctions:

  • Because this file is set up to print as a booklet, the pages you view will not appear in order when viewing them on your computer. They will, however, print in proper order.
  • When downloading the Microsoft Word file, you may experience some changes in fonts or other types of formatting depending on your system's compatibility.

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