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Event: Cafe Night

"A Taste of Women's Ministry" is a great way to introduce women to your women's ministry and upcoming calendar of activities.  It's also a great way for the group to enjoy samplings from area restaurants.

Invitations:  Send invitations to the women in your church database.  Create and distribute flyers in your community to invite women to A Taste of Women's Ministry.

Refreshments:  Invite local restaurant owners to bring finger foods or samples from their restaurant for 200 women.  If you don't have relationships with local restaurants, you can ask women in your church to bring their favorite finger foods to share.

Decorations: Use cooking utensils with a "cafe" style setting.  Set up small square and round tables with white tablecloths, red and white gingham checked squares, and ceramic crocks with wooden spoons.  You might even expand this cafe theme to a 1950s diner theme.

Presentation: Women's ministry leaders could dress in chef uniforms and share "what's cooking" in their areas of ministry.  Consider asking a local speaker to share a message based on "Taste and See that the Lord is Good." (Psalm 34:8)

Handout:  Create a "menu" (brochure) listing all of your events, Bible studies, mission activities, and retreats.  Be sure to include your church/ministry website address, blog, Facebook page, and contact names, emails, phone numbers and twitter accounts for leaders.  The brochure might also have a registration form that can be torn off for participants to express their interest in studies and/or events.  And consider offering a discount if women sign up and pay that evening.


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