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How to Plan an Economical Women's Retreat
Carla McDougal
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Is your church feeling the effects of the economic downturn?
Has your women's ministry budget been cut?
Are you having trouble deciding whether to even have a retreat this year?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, this article is for you!

Churches across the board are experiencing financial challenges. All areas within the church are adjusting their budgets accordingly, and unfortunately women's ministries are not immune to this dilemma. Creative planning and organizing are vital in a tight economy. So in light of these problems, how do you economically plan a women's retreat?

First you must answer these questions…
  • Why is unity so important for the retreat team? Read Psalm 133.
  • What is your team's purpose for hosting a women's retreat?
  • How will this retreat affect your church?
  • Who is the target audience for the retreat: the church, the community, non-believers, etc?
  • Realistically, what is this year's retreat budget?
After reviewing these questions with the retreat team, determine how to move forward. God already has His plan. Soaking the retreat in prayer is the first, most important action step. Prayer keeps your team united. If your team senses God wants you to plan a less expensive retreat than in recent years, there are some creative ways to accomplish this goal. Below are a few suggestions…

  • Unite with other Churches -- Share the burden of cost. Pray for the Lord to rise up one or two other churches who might benefit in coming together for a women's retreat. This gives all involved the opportunity to share the costs of the speaker, worship leader, deposit, facility, etc. It's a very successful way of bring the body of Christ together within a community!
  • Mini-Retreats -- Offer a full day retreat in your own church building. This saves money on gas, the retreat facility, food, overnight accommodations and more. Start early Saturday morning with breakfast at 8am and end the event around 4pm. The cost is normally a fourth to a third of what a weekend retreat would cost, and usually allows even more women to attend.
  • In-Church Speakers/Worship Leaders -- Use speakers and worship leaders from your own congregation. This saves money spent on honorariums, travel expenses and lodging. Plus, it gives someone who is gifted in speaking an opportunity to share her heart and passion for Jesus.
These are just a few suggestions to economically plan a retreat. Ultimately the Lord knows what is best for your church. Seek His direction. Ask Him to unite your team in the retreat decisions. Look forward to all that the Lord has waiting for your team to experience during the planning process! And enjoy your economical retreat after the planning is done.

WMN Note: See One Minute WOW Video: How to Plan an Economical Retreat by Carla McDougal for more help.

WMN Bonus: Enter to win Reflecting Him Bible Study by Carla McDougal by telling us below what is your best retreat budgeting advice.

What is your best retreat budgeting advice?
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Carla McDougal, founder of Reflective Life Ministries, has a passion for encouraging women to live every day for Jesus. She truly believes laughter is the "medicine to the soul" that breaks down walls and removes the masks in our lives. In her blog, she shares life experiences to motivate women to discover God's hand on their lives.

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