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VIDEO: How to Strengthen Your Team
Lisa Allen
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5 Minute How To Series

Expert: Lisa Allen
About 5 minutes
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In order for a team to be strong and perform their best you have to look at where they are weak. Lisa Allen shares some great advice on how to tune up those weak areas and strengthen your ministry team.

Video Notes and Takeaways:
  • How to Strengthen Your Team

  • Related Material:
  • Team Strengths Evaluation Worksheet

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    Question: What are some weak spots you have identified in your team and how did this video help you?

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    Our Expert

    Lisa Allen enjoys challenging women to lay down the world's expectations of who they "should" be and live in the freedom of their true identity as the unique masterpieces God created. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two children and is currently using her passion on the Outreach Team at Forest Hill Church where she leads Community CollaborationInitiatives and African Partnership Strategies. Contact Lisa at coach@LJAllenCoaching.com or visit her website www.ljallencoaching.com.

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