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Women's Ministry 101:
Lessons from Titus 2
Amy Lively

My girlfriend, Carey, taught me how to use Velcro rollers.  My dad taught me how to change a tire.  My mom taught me how to do laundry, and her mom taught me how to make Wedding Soup.  I've learned how to build a website and how to use a drill.I must have missed the class on “How To Love Your Husband.”
This is one of seven lessons Women's Ministry should teach according Titus 2:4-5. You might consider adding these courses to your Women's Ministry curriculum:
How to Love Your Husband

Learn how to be best friends with your husband and how to watch football without being annoying.  Lab experiments demonstrate how to bask in his presence without expressing every thought that passes through your mind.

How to Love Your Children

How to raise children that rise up and call you blessed instead of calling their shrink.  Care for their little souls as well as their growing bodies with practical exercises on discipline, morals, materialism and manners.

How to be Self-Controlled

How to keep your head regardless of your hormones, husband or household. Monthly refresher courses are available!
How to be Pure

Session starts with a fashion show, ends with discussion on old-fashioned values and modern-day modesty.
How to Keep House

Earn your advanced degree as facilities manager, sanitation engineer, logistics coordinator, computer technician, custodial supervisor, accountant, master chef and chief executive officer of your home.

How to be Kind

Sample this fruit of the Spirit using tried and true recipes for serving up goodness, usefulness, pleasantness, excellence, joyfulness and happiness at your family table.
How to be Subject to Your Husband

You know how to organize your closets, but have you organized your marriage?  Set things in order by cleaning out superior attitudes, uncooperativeness, stubbornness and independence.
As a woman who has personally failed each of these courses at one time or another, it's a relief to know we can learn these skills. We can be A+ students in Husband Loving 101. We can be taught how to love our children. We can soak up self-control, pick up on purity, become down pat domestic divas, major in kindness and specialize in submission. Visit our Blog for links to Bible studies on these subjects and to leave comments with your own recommendations. 

Earn your Master's Degree from the Master's word, taught by mature women who have mastered these skills in the workplace!

Amy Lively hosts The Neighborhood Café, where you'll find tools, teachings and tips to host a Bible study with your neighbors in your home. Check out the Café Kit containing everything you need to invite your neighbors over for Coffee, Conversation & Christ.

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