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Find ideas on how to make prayer a priority in every part of your ministry.

Prayers for Women Who Hurt on Mother's Day
Karen True
Prayers for Women Who Hurt on Mother's Day Mother's Day presents so many meaningful opportunities to celebrate motherhood, its sacrifices, its joys and its day by day impact on changing the world. It is right to celebrate this day . . . keep reading
8 Ways to Hear from God
Rosemarie Huseonica
8 Ways to Hear from God Do you yearn to hear a word from God for you or your situation? Here are eight ways that can help you know God is specifically speaking to your heart. Remember God desires to talk to you. . . . keep reading
5 Ways to Say, "Thank You!"
Robyne Beaubien
5 Ways to Say, "Thank You!" Saying "thank you" confirms that you value what you have received, no matter how big or small it is. Here are five simple ways to say "thank you." . . . keep reading
DOWNLOAD: Prayer Journal
Hillcrest Baptist Women
DOWNLOAD: Prayer Journal Wendi Westmoreland and those who serve alongside of her at Hillcrest BC in Pensacola, FL, are prayer warriors. In this journal, her team has given us instruction and examples from their own prayer lives. They have put their heart and prayers into this journal, so we invite you to download it...and pray. . . . keep reading
Prayer Stations
Beth Masters
Prayer Stations Covering an event with prayer is vitally important. Here are some unique ideas used in one of Jennifer's Fresh Grounded Faith conferences that you can adapt for your event using themed prayer stations. . . . keep reading
Event: Cards of Blessings
Event: Cards of Blessings In the world of email, social networking and text messaging, it's rare to receive a card anymore. We decided to change that with this event. You'll only need a stash of note cards and some generous hospitality for this one.
. . .
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Prayer Groups
Prayer Groups
An essential part of every women's ministry is helping women learn to pray. Oftentimes women struggle with adding this discipline to their daily walk with the Lord, so providing them with some practical tools will help. . . .
keep reading
Encouragement: Prayer Pockets
Encouragement: Prayer Pockets
Generate interaction and community involvement by praying for people who cross your path. Prayer Pockets offers a unique way to invite your friends into praying for others in your sphere of influence. . . .
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Pray by the Day
Karen True
Pray by the Day We all want to effectively pray for the ministries God gives us to lead. So here's a helpful prayer guide that assigns a different area to pray for each day of the week. And it just so happens that each day's prayer "assignment" begins with . . . keep reading
Retreat: Mosaic
Retreat: Mosaic Submitted by Kathleen Ordiway, First Baptist Church, Niagara Falls, New York... We did a one-day retreat at a local hotel with a mosaic theme. This would be a great theme for a cross-cultural ministry or a cross-generational ministry. . . . keep reading
Prayer Pearls: Praise and Honor God
Prayer Pearls: Praise and Honor God Prayer Pearls is a popular download with our members. These 31 days of praise prayers are easily downloaded so you can share with your women. Use them as a icebreaker or special giveaway at your next event to help your women focus daily focus on prayer. . . . keep reading
WM Asks: Prayer Gardens
WM Asks: Prayer Gardens Prayer gardens can be an inspiring way to call your women to pray. You have sent us some great ideas that we want to share. Whether it is a part of your retreat or it is your only focus, try some of these proven ideas to bring a fresh approach to your prayer time. . . . keep reading
10 Powerful Ways to Pray for Your Women
10 Powerful Ways to Pray for Your Women Submitted by Kelly McCausey, Grace Women's Ministry, Gaylord, Michigan...When we approach our ministries with prayer, we invite the Lord to do His work in our lives as well as those in our ministries. Here are 10 prayers to pray over the women in your ministries. . . . keep reading
iPRAY Guide for the Lost
Dani Helm
iPRAY Guide for the Lost The LORD desires that none should perish, but all would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). This companion piece is based on Dani Helm's article 5 Steps to iPRAY. She shares how to spend meaningful and focused time praying for the lost. . . . keep reading
EVENT: Prepare Him Room
Cindy Stroud
EVENT: Prepare Him Room Sometimes our hearts are just like the inn Mary and Joseph visited; there's just no extra room! Our hearts get full with our busy schedules, Christmas preparations and extra company. During this busy season, here's an event to keep your . . . keep reading
DOWNLOAD: Prayer Pearls for the Church
DOWNLOAD: Prayer Pearls for the Church It's been said that "seven days without prayer makes one weak." Prayer is a vital part of the believer's life, so womensministy.net would like to encourage you and your leadership team by offering you Prayer Pearls. These thirty-one scriptures will guide you throughout . . . keep reading
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