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Warm up your group with some WM icebreakers!

Icebreaker: Pass the Gift
Icebreaker: Pass the Gift
This is an innovative (and poetic) way to pass a gift around and get to know women at the same time. Use this fun activity to add some extra fun to gift giving. Expensive gifts are not necessary to make this gift exchange extraordinary. . . .
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Icebreaker: Would You Rather?
Karen True
Icebreaker: Would You Rather? Here's a fun take on a board game that is sure to get any group thinking, talking and laughing together. Best of all, it's as simple as posing a few of the questions below and inviting your group to respond. You'll learn a thing or two and will . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Common and Unique
Icebreaker: Common and Unique This activity is a fun way to acquaint women with each other and build relationships. It can be a great way to kick off small groups at a retreat or encourage interaction at a table for an event. A little brainstorming will yield a lot of great memories and connections for the future. . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Speed Connection
Icebreaker: Speed Connection Submitted by Kathi Jingling and Ruthy Allen, Life Center Church, Spokane, Washington... This is like speed dating, but we think it's even more fun at Bible study! Isn't everything? This icebreaker will keep your women talking long after the event.
. . .
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Icebreaker: Candy Confessions
Karen True
Icebreaker: Candy Confessions Share a few sweet treats while you learn some new things about the women in your group who are undoubtedly sweet as well. We love simple and fun icebreakers, and this one qualifies on both counts. This activity is great for a group . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Friendship Bingo
Icebreaker: Friendship Bingo Submitted by Judy Brooke, Torrance, California... If you are part of a large group, you know that it's sometimes difficult to do large group activities. This icebreaker was designed with you in mind!
. . .
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Icebreaker: Just Like Me
Karen True
Icebreaker: Just Like Me Most people say they feel uncomfortable in a large group of people they don't know. You extroverts out there have no idea what that means, but I can relate! This week we have an icebreaker that is especially great to for a large group. Wallflowers . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: We are the Body
Icebreaker: We are the Body Submitted by Cyndi Grace, Satartia, Mississippi... This ice-breaker has two functions. It gets women up and moving and puts the ladies into groups for other functions at a retreat or conference like a prayer prayer group, small group, etc. It usually gets the ladies to laugh too! . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Sticker Search
Icebreaker: Sticker Search Submitted by Judy Brooke, Torrance, California...Sometimes encouraging women to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people can be a challenge in women's ministry. This icebreaker is a great way to help break down those barriers in a fun and encouraging way. . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Speed Dating
Cynthia McCutcheon
Icebreaker: Speed Dating The women in your ministry may not be interested in speed dating but they may enjoy using the same technique to get to know other women in the ministry. This fun and fast-paced icebreaker encourages interaction and creativity, while . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Verse Match
Icebreaker: Verse Match Here's a fun and challenging way to encourage your women to mingle at your next ministry event. They will get a peek of Scripture too. This is a fun and simple game that works well in a group that is familiar with Scripture. It is great for a Bible study also. . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Who Fits?
Joyce Roth
Icebreaker: Who Fits? It's always fun to learn about the ways we are different from those we associate with on a regular basis. It's just as fun to learn about how we are alike as well. This group activity provides a sneak . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Coining a Memory
Rhonda Rose
Icebreaker: Coining a Memory With a pocketful of pennies and a gathering of women, you're sure to engage your group in meaningful conversation while encouraging them to share a little of their past. We love the simple sneak peak this icebreaker offers and think you will too. . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Love One Another
Icebreaker: Love One Another Submitted Panorama City, California... This activity focuses on love and is especially relevant around Valentine's Day but works well any time of year. It will help each woman feel loved and appreciated for their contribution to the group and help them grow together as a ministry. . . . keep reading
10 Favorite Icebreakers
Judy Patterson
10 Favorite Icebreakers Icebreakers are a fun way for you to really get to know the women you are serving. With dozens of icebreakers on our website, these ones remain the most tried and true. Why not warm-up your next event with these top 10 Icebreakers. . . . keep reading
Icebreaker: Christmas Carol Conjecture
Icebreaker: Christmas Carol Conjecture
Submitted by Abi Buening, Grand Forks, North Dakota...
Test your group's Christmas carol knowledge with these creatively phrased titles and a game of guessing. You'll hear a lot of laughter and probably stump more than a few. Share some laughs while identifying . . .
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