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Comforting a Grieving FriendComforting a Grieving Friend
Connie Carey
When we first get the news that a friend has lost a loved one, it's pretty universal to have feelings of helplessness. After you bring the casserole, then what? Here are some tips of what to say… and what not to say. . . . keep reading

3 Ways to Brainstorm Never-Before-Considered Ideas3 Ways to Brainstorm Never-Before-Considered Ideas
Susan Lawrence
You're sitting in a team meeting, trying to generate new ideas, and you're stuck. Every idea that comes up has been tried or rejected (and no one wants to try it now), isn't allowed, or something else that stops the creative . . . keep reading

5 Tips for Working with Volunteers5 Tips for Working with Volunteers
Karen True
Ministry volunteers make a productive contribution into the lives of women when they are given freedom to thrive wherever they are planted. Here are some helpful hints that you can put into action as you seek out volunteers in your ministry. . . . keep reading

Directory of Gifted CommunicatorsDirectory of Gifted Communicators
Find authors, speakers, musicians, and others for your next event. Access bios, essential contact information and more. Communicator listings include photos, social media links, Google Map integration, and enhanced searchability options. Give it a browse today and see who you can connect with! . . . keep reading

Devotional VideosDevotional Videos
from Jennifer Rothschild
Listen to devotional videos from Jennifer Rothschild, author and speaker and founder of womensministry.net. She shares brief devotionals on topics such as leadership, ministry and just living life to honor our loving God. . . . keep reading

Tip of the Week BlogTip of the Week Blog
Follow our blog where we share resource tools, the latest news in women's ministry, top trends, interesting ideas and helpful tips to equip you in your leadership role. Find step-by-step practical resources for all areas of your life in typical womensministry.net style! Want to receive the weekly tip in your inbox? Just click on the image at right! . . . keep reading

VIDEO: How Can I Overcome My Fear of Speaking (TerKeurst)VIDEO: How Can I Overcome My Fear of Speaking (TerKeurst)
Lysa TerKeurst
One Minute Wow Video: Speaking to thousands of women each year, author and speaker Lysa TerKeurst understands the fear of speaking. In this One Minute Wow video, Lysa offers you a practical technique she uses to conquer her own fear of speaking. . . . keep reading

Making a Big "To Do"Making a Big "To Do"
Karen Ehman

We all can relate to busyness. Hair appointments, meetings, recitals, sports practices - the list is never ending. How do you stay organized amidst the chaos of life? Organization can become part of your lifestyle. Karen will show you through the simplicity . . .
keep reading

Ministry Profile: Video Interview - Beauty for Ashes, South AfricaMinistry Profile: Video Interview - Beauty for Ashes, South Africa
Recently, Jennifer Rothschild and Lisa Welchel were the keynote speakers at the Beauty for Ashes Women's Conference in South Africa. This ministry has reached hundreds of women for Christ. Listen as Jennifer interviews Aldyth Thomson to find out what things have helped them to become an influence in the lives of the women of South Africa and beyond. . . . keep reading


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