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Christy Brink

The only way to build up leaders within the body of Christ is to allow and encourage people to lead.

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Christy Brink has volunteered in women’s ministry in some capacity for much of her adult life. She began leading a young women’s bible study and then a high school girls study. After having children and becoming a stay-at-home mom, she volunteered at a women’s pregnancy center and then began volunteering again as a Bible study leader for women’s ministry at Mount Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana. She also helped establish a women’s service ministry, giving women opportunities to serve within the church and around the community. She joined the women’s ministry leadership team and now serves as a women’s ministry assistant.


I desire to light a passion for the Word of God in the hearts of the women I serve and lead. I want to make sure that every decision made within women’s ministry brings women closer to the heart of God.


I want to lead to bring glory to God. More of God. Less of me. I want to humbly lead…confident, encouraging, joyful…and humble.

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