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Holly Crowser

Holly Crowser

A leader must be able to love well, be authentic and able to adapt.

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Holly has been leading small groups as a volunteer for the past eight years. Over the last year, she has been training up new small group leaders with the goal of teaching more women how to be in the Bible for themselves. During her six months as the interim Small Groups Director at her church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, she has created a resource library for small group leaders, upheld and created better communication among leaders and created a training procedure for small group coaches to give them the confidence to lead effectively.


The best leaders are the ones who lead with a passion for what they want people to follow them in with compassion, excitement, encouragement and a vision for the road to come. All while listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit which brings clarity to the vision and helps to share it.


I feel that the ability to combine the elements of studying Scripture, hearing God speak, serving outside ourselves and being able to grow in a community of women changes how we parent, our marriages, our work mentality and how we live the gospel – all of these things change our world and the people in it.


Success looks a lot like love to me. My intention is that all my leadership and service directs people toward the God who can always unfailingly provide.

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