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Rachelle Chase

I love speaking and sharing about what God is doing, but I want for people to be able to dig into God's Word for themselves.

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Rachelle Chase serves as vice president of Epping Lighthouse Ministries, a non-profit youth center in Epping, New Hampshire that she and her husband started seven years ago. She also has founded and directs Surge Teen leadership conference annually, blogs about Biblical parenting and Christian living, speaks at girls and women’s conferences and has a a devotional to equip women to be in the Word daily.


I am not about big numbers and lots of fans, I am all about individuals being brought to the Savior.


I love making other people feel confident in who God made them to be!


I want people to have a relationship with Jesus that does not depend on me or any other person. Yes, God made us as relationship people and we need each other. However, Jesus is sufficient.

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