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Sarah Davidson

Sarah Davidson

Big or small, God infuses each of our acts of obedience, so all have lasting, eternal impacts.

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Sarah Davidson’s first taste of leadership was starting a relationship with Christ and learning to follow Him. Throughout her child and youth years, she was surrounded by godly leaders who invested in her, and gave her leadership responsibilities. Throughout college she had additional leadership opportunities, including as a dorm resident assistant and student government vice president. Interwoven throughout these experiences, Sarah has served in children’s and youth ministries. She is now leading children’s ministry at Friendship Community Church in Saanichton, British Columbia, where she has the opportunity to mentor and invest in the next generation of leaders.


Leaders are flowers. The more leaders who blossom, the more beautiful our world is; no competition; every flower unique, together form more beauty.


In a world where success is tangible and measurable, I take a counter-cultural approach. In ministry, I am a helper to God in making a difference for His Kingdom.

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