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Allison Rambo

Hearing what someone is passionate about, hearing their story, can be a powerful tool in connecting them with their sweet spot.

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Allison Rambo served as Women’s Ministry Director at Christ’s Church for three years and recently began a new adventure starting The Nest Recover Homes in Mason, Ohio. She serves as Executive Director, leading the team there as they provide a safe and nurturing home for at-risk women and men. Additionally, Allison has served as City Coordinator for Living Proof Life with Beth Moore in Cincinnati and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University.


Instead of building our lives upon the rubble of our shames and insecurities, instead of hurling our brokenness at one another, let’s build upon the Rock that will stand. The Rock of Jesus Christ!


Give people input and ownership and you will increase your influence.


We should all be living a life immersed in God’s Word. We should be sitting still and letting His Word seep into every bit of who we are.

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