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Darla Saiman

I want to be sure that the work that God has started here will continue on without me.

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Darla Saiman first began leading when the co-ed Bible study she was a part of became too big for their group and she was asked to lead the women. From then on, she found herself in various leadership positions from Bible studies to leading short-term mission trips and leadership of the Host Ministry of her home church. Darla now co-leads a church plant in rural India with her husband where they are focused on making obedient disciples who make obedient disciples. Currently, she is leading a weekly women’s Bible study and mentor many of the young women in their church.


I am constantly looking for those around me who also have leadership qualities and come alongside them to help them reach their full potential.


The most effective way of leadership is first demonstration.


It is so exciting to see people reach out and new believers are being added to our family on a regular basis!

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