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Jessica Trigg

The one thing that I pray is accomplished at the end of the day is that we who serve feel and see the beauty that God has bestowed upon us so graciously.

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Jessica Trigg is the Women’s Ministry Director for Central Baptist Church in Clovis, New Mexico. When starting in this position, there was no one to guide her, teach her, or mentor her – but with the Lord’s grace, her pastor’s trust, and wisdom and knowledge from the Lord, the ministry has been¬†rebuilt from the ground up. It is because of the Lord’s faithfulness they are now a Holy Spirit led ministry who desires to teach ladies, of all ages and walks of life, to connect to God through discipleship, Bible study and prayer, thereby making them more equipped to minster to those without Christ!


My personal leadership philosophy would be that there is power in prayer.


There will be days when nothing goes right or everything takes forever, but being patient in the Lord and trusting in the Lord for all things and in all things is a success. He is faithful and will always provide.


When serving in His ministry there is no me or I in anything.

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