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Erika Riggan

There is little one can give to those she leads if she is not rooted in relationship with God.

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Erika Riggan learned what it meant to be a servant leader while leading small groups and service teams in college.
After moving to Vancouver, Washington, she began serving as a middle school youth leader, camp leader and college peer leader. She now serves as a site leader for the middle school ministry, which entails co-leading the youth group. For the last two years, Erika has also served as the team leader for an annual mission trip to Martin, Slovakia where they work with a Slovak church/school to plan and lead a week-long youth camp.


At the end of the day, my hope is that those I lead and serve know that that they are loved by the God of the universe.


Leaders should maintain a positive attitude, but also one of humility; a constant reminder that we are honored to do God’s work and that He chooses to use us even though He does not need us.


As we lead and minister, we need to pour in to those in our ministries who will one day lead in our place as God calls us to new and different roles and responsibilities.

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