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Esther Fleece

We remember God, and we remember others, no matter what accolades or afflictions come our way.

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Esther Fleece has been labeled a pioneer in the non-profit space to grow next generation audience, clientele and voice. Through her leadership, she has helped transition a 30-year-old non-profit to become relevant in this generation and expand the next generation audience size by over two million people. By consulting with ministries, she has built and established relationships between key leaders within organizations reaching the millennial generation. Most recently, she has authored a book that explores the theology – and importance – of lament, challenging others to “end the pretending.”


We are all important; we all have wirings and callings for the glory of God.


It is the love we have for one another and the unity we display that will let others know we are people of Jesus.


We should be replaceable! I am never wanting leadership to begin or end with me.

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