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Meredith Craig

I love to see people discover they have a God-given gift and then use it for His glory.

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Meredith Craig is a pastor’s wife and mother of two precious children. The Lord captured her heart at a young age and she has never looked back! She has served in the church in many capacities as a youth and young adult and then married someone who loved the Lord and His church with the same passion. When first married, her husband, Mike, was a funeral director for his family business, but they voluntarily led a youth small group, taught the college ministry and led worship together in many services. After two years of marriage, Mike decided to go into full-time ministry and has been the Associate Pastor the past 11 years. Meredith spends much of her time ministering to young families in their church in Ventura, California, hosting dinners, organizing meal trains for those going through sickness or welcoming a new baby, serving in the children’s ministries and leading worship team each Sunday.


I don’t believe that you can effectively lead without putting into practice what you are asking others to do.


In my leadership, I always pray that the Lord will receive the glory. I want others to see me as just His willing vessel.


I try to be transparent with others so that they will understand my brokenness and my dependency upon my Savior. My hope is that when they look to me, they will understand I am only leading them because God is leading me in the process.

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