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Cristin Shelby

Cristin Shelby

"I am simply providing space and encouragement for the women in my group to spread their wings."

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Cristin is leading and loving on a number of levels within her church. She recently became the director/coordinator for women’s ministry where she previously served on the leadership team for five years. Additionally, she is a Bible study leader, youth and children’s volunteer and serves with her husband as directors of their Sunday School class.


As a leader, and specifically a leader of women, I strive to center my philosophy around increased power when we each operate from a place of wholeness in Christ. Are we using our individualized God-given talents? Are we staying in tune with the Holy Spirit and striving to know Jesus more and more each day? Are we offering our gifts and talents up for His glory?


I love to emphasize and challenge why we do what we do and how we go about doing it. I hope that we, as a team, will never get caught up in doing what is expected, or what has always been done, just for the sake of keeping with tradition. And, whatever we decide to pursue or accomplish must be accomplished lovingly, with glorifying Christ as our primary goal.


When I study leadership, I study Jesus. He always spoke from a place of love for the listener. He never wavered from His purpose. He received His strength from God alone. I pray I can be more like Christ, in every way… including when I serve in any capacity as a leader.


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